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Monthly Lunch & Learn - South Texas / San Antonio

In an effort to raise awareness of ICoTA into other geographical locations, improve communication and promote the value of well intervention solutions within the oil and gas industry, the USA Chapter of ICoTA is starting a South Texas / San Antonio Section.  Luncheons will typically be held at the San Antonio Petroleum Club on the 1st Thursday of each month.  Notifications will go out if one is postponed or cancelled.  

This event is specifically designed for people in, or associated with, the well intervention industries and is open to members as well as non-members alike.  Networking and lunch are followed by a concise, topical technical presentation.   With an emphasis on case studies, this bite-size event consistently provides members and their guests with a look at the latest and greatest that the industry has achieved.  

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Lunch & Learn Schedule - South Texas / San Antonio

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Topic: "Diversion Technology Used in Refracturing and New Completion Operations"
Presented by: Jenna Robertson, Thru Tubing Solutions

San Antonio Petroleum Club
8620 North New Braunfels Ave. #700
San Antonio, TX 78217
Tel: 210 824 9014  

Lunch will be available starting at 11:30am with the presentation(s) following at or around noon.

SlicFrac diverting technology allows Operators to reduce the total number of bridge plugs within a wellbore, while maintaining the advantages of closer stage spacing and adding additional clusters. The risk of a pre-set is drastically reduced, along with the pump down time, completion cost, and resources associated for the corresponding wireline runs and subsequent millout work. Applying SlicFrac diversion technology between bridge plugs allows the operator to achieve maximum cluster efficiency, while stimulating the entire stage, without leaving orphan clusters behind. SlicFrac PODs are designed to effectively seal inside irregular shaped perf holes; sealing directly inside the perforation and eliminating any formation damage or residual fracture obstructions, making them ideal for both new and existing/washed perforations.

Jenna Robertson, Thru Tubing Solutions
Jenna Robertson is a Petroleum Engineering Technologist with 13 years of industry experience. Her involvement in field operations, in both drilling and completions, helps her in her current role as SlicFrac Product Line Manager with Thru Tubing Solutions. She works as an extension of the Engineering Department as a liaison to the field districts, providing technical support, job procedures, product training and development. Involved with the SlicFrac Diversion System since its inception, Jenna is well versed in the components, testing and field operations of this product line.


To help establish a South Texas / San Antonio Section, the USA Chapter will subsidize a majority of the cost for lunch. 

Register - $15/pp (ICoTA membership is NOT required).  

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Online via PayPal (below).   Note: some corporate cards will not work with Paypal.

Upcoming Luncheons in San Antonio 

We are always accepting abstracts for presentation. Contact us if you are interested.  Dates for 2017 are below (pending speaker confirmation). 

November 2nd
Topic: Diversion Technology Used in Refracturing and New Completion Operations by Thru Tubing Solutions
San Antonio Petroleum Club, San Antonio

December 7th
Topic TBA
San Antonio Petroleum Club, San Antonio

We are always accepting abstracts for presentation. Contact us if you are interested.  

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