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Monthly Lunch & Learn - South Texas / San Antonio

In an effort to raise awareness of ICoTA into other geographical locations, improve communication and promote the value of well intervention solutions within the oil and gas industry, the USA Chapter of ICoTA is starting a South Texas / San Antonio Section.  Luncheons will typically be held at the San Antonio Petroleum Club on the 1st Thursday of each month.  Notifications will go out if one is postponed or cancelled.  

This event is specifically designed for people in, or associated with, the well intervention industries and is open to members as well as non-members alike.  Networking and lunch are followed by a concise, topical technical presentation.   With an emphasis on case studies, this bite-size event consistently provides members and their guests with a look at the latest and greatest that the industry has achieved.  

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Lunch & Learn Schedule - South Texas / San Antonio

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Topic: "Emergency Well Control Situations & Solutions"
Presented by:  Bhavesh Ranka, Operations Manager, Cudd Well Control

San Antonio Petroleum Club
8620 North New Braunfels Ave. #700
San Antonio, TX 78217
Tel: 210 824 9014  

Lunch will be available starting at 11:30am with the presentation(s) following at or around noon.

Use of Ice Plug as a Barrier - Case History
A coiled tubing unit was rigged up to set a plug after perforating a well. While RIH with a plug, the coiled tubing hit an obstruction and wobbled up inside the lubricator with the plug at tubing hanger. The tubing was stuck and couldn’t move up or down. The pressure on well was 2,000 psi. The presentation will discuss how freeze plug was set in the frac valves to have a barrier and isolate the pressure to rig up for fishing operations.

Using Coiled Tubing for Well Control Operations - Case History
A drilling rig encountered a well control situation while tripping out of the hole. The BHA was blown out of the well. This presentation details how a coiled tubing unit was rigged up and the well was killed. Due to rigging up coiled tubing, the well was brought in a condition where further work could be carried out.

Bhavesh Ranka, Ops Manager, Cudd Well Control
Bhavesh Ranka is a Sr. Well Control Engineer for Cudd Well Control. Bhavesh has over eleven years' experience in well control. He is involved in all phases of well control engineering including blowout contingency planning, dynamic well kill design and execution, underground blowouts, rig equipment inspections, drilling plan reviews, gas dispersion modeling, engineering and field operations. He has experience working in the majority of petroleum producing states in the United States. He also has experience with blowouts, firefighting operations, on and offshore well control events, inland barge blowouts, H2S wells, oil-based mud kicks, and high pressure wells. He has been involved with special service projects including hot tapping, dry ice and cryogenic freeze jobs and post-event consulting.

Bhavesh graduated from University of Mumbai with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. He also has a Master’s degree in Natural Gas Engineering from Texas A & M University, Kingsville. He is involved in all aspects of well control engineering, blowout intervention and firefighting operations and recovery.


To help establish a South Texas / San Antonio Section, the USA Chapter will subsidize a majority of the cost for lunch. 

Register - $15/pp (ICoTA membership is NOT required).  

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Feb 1st: Lunch & Learn (San Antonio)

Upcoming Luncheons in San Antonio & Houston 

We are always accepting abstracts for presentation. Contact us if you are interested

Dates for 2018 are below (pending speaker confirmation). 

1 February @ San Antonio 
Well Control Situations  
by Cudd Well Control

13 February @ Houston
Well Control Situations  
by Cudd Well Control

5 April @ San Antonio
17 April @ Houston (AGM)
3 May @ San Antonio
8 May @ Houston
7 June @ San Antonio
12 June @ Houston

We are always accepting abstracts for presentation. Contact us if you are interested

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