ICoTA Honorary Members

Honorary membership of ICoTA is granted by the Board of Directors to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the interests of the well intervention industry or the Association itself. An Honorary membership endures for the life of the individual and are nominated by a Director members in good standing and approved by a majority of the Director members.

Honorary Members

Name Year Joined
Alastair Buchanan June 2023
Steve Moir June 2023
Ed Smalley February 2016
Hampton Fowler February 2016
Alex Crabtree November 2015
Ian Retalic November 2015
Michael Taggart February 2015
Callum Munro February 2015
Alan Turner February 2015
Andrew Patterson March 2012
Tim Eley November 2008
Dave Shand November 2008
John Haukvik April 2008
John Misselbrook November 2007
Ken Newman November 2007
Bruce Adam November 2007
Larry Smith April 2007
Jim Holmes April 2007
Ron Clarke April 2005