ICoTA Organization

The business and activities of ICoTA are generally conducted at two levels; the Global level and the regional or Chapter level. Below you can find out information on ICoTA's Executive Board of Directors.

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Executive Board of Directors

The Executive Board of Directors consists of elected Officers and Executive Directors as well as a representative from each chapter. The Executive Board shall manage the business and affairs of ICoTA such as determining policies, approving applications for directorship, conducting negotiations with other associations, approving expenditures and chapter formations.

Company Name Position
Altus Intervention Stuart Murchie Senior Chairman
Tenaris Lucas Mezzano Junior Chairman
BiSN Paul Carragher Treasurer
Schlumberger Matt Billingham Executive Director
Oceaneering Alex Crabtree Executive Director
Ironfield Tech Services Alan Turner Executive Director
Benchmark Wireline Steve Moir European Chapter Delegate
Seal-Tite Joel Johns USA Chapter Delegate
TBD TBD Canadian Chapter Delegate

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of Director, Non-Executive Director and Chapter Director members.


Any individual may apply to the ICoTA Office for Director Membership in ICoTA. A Director member usually represents a company or organization conducting business in the well intervention, coiled tubing, or associated industries, but is not a requirement.

Company Name
Baker Hughes Tim Ramsey
Cudd Pressure Control Christopher Schneider
Equinor Alastair Buchanan
Forum Energy Technologies Josh Frye
Forum Energy Technologies - Global Tubing John Smith
Halliburton PS Scott Greig
Halliburton Wireline Luis Bustillos
Inflatable Packers International Pty Gordon Mackenzie
NBG Sascha Trummer
NOV CTES Ed Smalley
NOV Texas Oil Tools Steve Deshotels
Schlumberger - Well Intervention Pierre Ramondenc
Schlumberger - Wireline Matt Billingham
Spooltech Clint Derrick
Supreme Services Zeke Peak
Welltec Nolan Sperle
Weatherford International Bob Murphy

Non-Executive Directors

A Non-Executive Director member is an Ordinary member nominated and approved by the Board of Directors to participate in the Board’s activities. This typically happens when a contributing board member no longer represents a particular company but wishes to continue serving on the board as a contributing member. Non-Executive Director members shall serve a two year term, may serve additional terms and has no associated annual fee.

Athena Engineering Ken Newman
Consultant Alan Turner
Consultant Hampton Fowler
Consultant Andrew Patterson
Consultant David Larimore

Chapter Directors

The Senior Chairman for each Chapter shall serve as a Director member representing his Chapter.

Chapter Name
USA Chapter Chairman Brandon Henderson
Canadian Chapter Chairman Scott Sherman
European Chapter Chairman Mark Oatey
LatAm Chapter Chairman Miquel Di Vincenzo
MENA Chapter Chairman Chris Kuijken
Chinese Chapter Chairman TBD

The duties of all Board of Director members include but not limited to electing ICoTA Officers, meeting and sub-committee participation, amending the by-laws, approving chapter formation and granting or revoking membership privileges.

Interested in getting involved?

Contact us or fill out the application if you are interested in becoming a Board of Director Member of ICoTA (Global). For a better understanding of the position, Bylaws, the Board of Director Commitment Agreement and Guide for Professional Conduct can be found on our Governance Page.