2023 Intervention Technology Award Winner

Congratulations to DarkVision, winner of the 2023 Intervention Technology Award, for its HADES-T™ technology.

2023 ITA 1000

Pictured above: Lucy Blount, Conference Program Committee Jr. Chair, Greer Simpson, DarkVision and Lucas Mezzano, ICoTA Sr. Chair.

The scores were very close and the technology hot, however, the HADES-T™ technology took home the hardware this past week at the SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference! Congratulations to Greer Simpson and DarkVision Technologies for the win as well as a big thank you to the finalists!

We were honoured to win the coveted Well Intervention Technology Award at the SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference last night. This award recognizes outstanding technical innovation - we were pleased to win for our HADES-T™ technology, which is changing how operators analyze well thickness and burst pressure to de-risk well operations.

HADES-T™ is the culmination of the efforts of many people across all of our teams. Our HADES-T™ technology wouldn't have been possible without breakthroughs and innovation at every level of the technology stack. The robust mechanical components, cutting-edge electronics, advanced software and data processing, innovative manufacturing, and breakthroughs by our research team all came together to create a unique and game changing solution. Our field, sales, analysis, and product teams also deserve recognition for ensuring that this award winning technology is delivering groundbreaking results to clients and impacting the industry.

As a company that prioritizes innovation and building products based on technological differentiation we are particularly proud to receive this award, and look forward to continuing to bring novel and innovative solutions to industry. ~ DarkVision Technologies Inc.

For additional information, visit the DarkVision website.