ICoTA's Intervention Technology Award recognizes outstanding technical innovation or application of technology for well intervention. The application of the new intervention technology or technique should demonstrate; reduced risk, increased production, improved safety or minimized environmental impact.

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Annual Intervention Technology Award

Awarded first in 2007, this highly sought award recognizes both the contribution to innovation and the introduction of new technologies within the well intervention arena.

As of today, it is the most established and longest running award which ICoTA has globally. The aim is to recognize a service company and/or operator for the application of technological innovation in well intervention.

Judged by industry peers, all experienced practitioners in the area of well intervention and coiled tubing; this award is highly prized and will be considered annually by ICoTA to support its mission: “To enhance communication, gather technical expertise and promote safety, training competency and industry accepted practices”.

Winners are presented with a perpetual trophy and an individual award which they can retain. In addition to public recognition during the SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference, the recipient's success in pushing forward the boundaries of well intervention and coiled tubing technology is also publicized widely throughout the industry.

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