Schlumberger - ReSOLVE iX Slot Cutter - 2021 Award

Schlumberger has been awarded the 2021 Intervention Technology Award from ICoTA for its ReSOLVE iX Slot Cutter technology.

2021 slb 1000

This years' recipient of the ICoTA Intervention Technology Award goes to Schlumberger for its ReSOLVE iX slot cutter service. This innovative technology was presented to the judging committee by Wireline Intervention Application Manager, David Engel and Customer Engagement Coordinator, Anand Raghavan, both of Schlumberger. The winner was announced on March 23rd during our SPE/ICoTA Virtual Well Intervention Conference.

David Engel at Schlumberger said:

“I would like the thank the ICoTA organization for selecting Schlumberger’s ReSolve IX slot cutter service as the recipient of the 2021 Intervention Technology Award. The ReSolve IX service leverages more than 20 years of research and engineering dedicated to reinventing intervention for higher and earlier production with reduced cost, risk, and environmental impact. With the addition of ReSolve IX slot cutting service, we can now officially perform a wide variety of cutting operations to expand the horizons in the intervention space. The ReSolve IX slot cutting service can efficiently perform cutting operations to provide equalization, reservoir connectivity and completion remediation services with confidence. Furthermore, we ensure our customer intervention successes by providing real-time downhole intelligence with intuitive dashboards, so we never have to perform cutting operations blindly again. Such performance has only been made possible by the outstanding Houston Conveyance and Surface Equipment Engineering team, the Intervention Application Engineering Team, and the Reservoir Performance Intervention Leadership Team. Thank you to our field operation teams around the world who are always ready to take on the challenge and deliver to the highest standard. In particular, the Gulf of Mexico team, who were the test pilots of this new and exciting service. Finally, I would like to thank our customers, for their trust and partnership which have led to where we are today with the ReSolve IX slot cutting service. On behalf of Schlumberger, thank you.”

Improve efficiency and safety Replace conventional explosive tubing punchers or other mechanical punchers

The award-winning slot cutter is the latest addition to the ReSOLVE iX extreme-performance instrumented wireline intervention service family of downhole powered well intervention tools—developed by our advanced application engineering team within 9 months from concept to job execution. The slot cutter is a more efficient and safer solution compared with explosive tubing punchers or other mechanical punchers. Compared with explosive tubing punchers, the slot cutter eliminates the logistic and HSE challenges of handling and shipping explosives. Customizable per operation, it leverages a scissor opening assembly that uses a rotatable cutting blade on one arm and a fixed anchor to provide the necessary stability on the other. It can cut up to 200 slots per descent and is up to 60% faster than conventional mechanical methods.

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