Schlumberger - LIVE Digital Slickline Service - 2011 Award

LIVE digital slickline services enable a wider range of activities to be performed with precision, control and certainty, anywhere with slickline access.


This is achieved by providing:

  • Digital data telemetry over standard slickline cable with a proprietary coating, enabling real-time, two way communication between toolstring and surface without compromising slickline functionality
  • Core downhole measurements of toolstring shock, deviation, movement and head tension, coupled with natural Gamma Ray / CCL and borehole Pressure and Temperature
  • Purpose built tool modules for setting, sealing, perforating and production logging operations, compatible with standard industry equipment i.e. plugs, packers, guns, …
  • Surface controlled interactive jarring and surface controlled tool release
  • Data recording

Presented by Stuart Murchie, Marketing Director, Slickline Services, Schlumberger

Other close contenders (in no particular order) short-listed for this year’s award were:

  • TeleCoil™ Real-Time Downhole Communication System, Baker Hughes
  • PowerReach™ Service, Boots & Coots