Form a Chapter

The business and activities of ICoTA are generally conducted at two levels; the international level and the regional or Chapter level. ICoTA’s organizational unit is the Regional Chapter. The Regional Chapters provide an operating framework for all major ICoTA activities - from meetings to continuing education. The activities and member interaction at the Chapter level are key mechanisms for realizing the full potential of the Association. The regional business and technical operating environment will influence the primary interests and activities of a Chapter.

Chapter Formation

Local or regional ICoTA Chapters may be established where a sufficient level of member interest exists and after the proposal to create a Chapter has been approved by the Board of Directors. The Association Secretary/Administrator shall assist the organizers of a chapter with information about the process and provide other support as necessary.

A high degree of autonomy in Chapter business is encouraged. However, ICoTA Chapters shall be organized and managed to the standards and spirit adopted by the parent ICoTA organization.

Chapter Structure

Local or regional authorities may determine the structure, business and fiscal requirements of the Chapter. It is the responsibility of Chapter management to ensure that the relevant Chapter fiscal and legal standings meet the requirements of the applicable authorities. Where local or regional requirements permit, ICoTA Chapters shall adopt a similar structure of officers to that of the parent Association.

Chapter Status on the Board of Directors

A Chapter shall be considered a Chapter in good standing of ICoTA after full payment of any required fees and upon receipt of notice of acceptance as a Chapter signed by an Officer of ICoTA.

Each Chapter in good standing shall have the same status on the Association Board of Directors as one Director member. The Chapter shall elect or appoint a Chapter member to represent the Chapter on the Board of Directors. That representative shall have the same voting privileges as an individual Director member. The Chapter management shall be responsible for notifying the Association Senior Co-Chair of the identity of the Chapter representative.

Chapter Fees

Each Chapter shall pay an annual fee to the Association equal to that charged for a Director membership. The Chapter may charge its members a Chapter fee or collect funds for the annual Association fee through events or other means. The Chapter can retain any surplus funds. Each Chapter is responsible for securing its good standing in ICoTA by paying its Chapter fee when due and providing the ICoTA Office with the current contact information for the Chapter Officers.

Procedure for Forming a Regional Chapter

Any group of ICoTA members in a particular geographical area can submit an application for formation of a new Regional Chapter. ICoTA’s Board of Directors recommends the following procedure:

  1. Determine that there are at least ten (10) ICoTA members residing in the geographical area to be encompassed by the new section.
  2. Determine the boundary of the geographical area to be included in the proposed Regional Chapter. If the geographical area of the proposed new Regional Chapter overlaps the geographical area of an existing Regional Chapter, the proposed chapter must obtain a release of this common area from the existing Regional Chapter.
  3. Conduct an organizational meeting with all interested ICoTA members and establish a temporary organization, including temporary officers.
  4. Develop a set of by-laws for operation of the proposed Regional Chapter. The proposed by-laws shall be endorsed by a majority of members present at the organizational meeting.
  5. Adopt a name for the proposed Regional Chapter.
  6. Submit the proposed by-laws, the names and addresses of the temporary Regional Chapter officers, and a formal petition signed by at least ten (10) ICoTA members from the proposed chapter to the Association Secretary/Administrator.

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