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Although the live event has now ended, sessions and the networking hub are available on-demand until 25 June. Advance your technical knowledge, grow your network and debate the latest scientific understanding of well intervention.

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On Demand Access
22nd March 2021 - 25th June 2021

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This conference remains one of the most popular industry events, bringing together E&P professionals and experts to learn, exchange knowledge, and network. Restructured this year to take place on-line over four short days, it will enable more global participation from E&P professionals –operators, service and supply companies and equipment manufacturers.

On Demand Access

  • Rich Technical Program (view the program here)
  • Operator Roundtable featuring Equinor, Saudi Aramco, AkerBP, Total and Petronas
  • 2021 ICoTA Global Annual Intervention Technology Award - Presentations of the 4 finalists and winner announcement
  • Keynote Presentation #1: David Forbes - GM Global Wells at ConocoPhillips – The Importance of Innovation During a Time of Disruptive Change in the E&P Industry
  • Keynote Presentation #2: Steven Deshotels, Texas Oil Tools NOV and James McAllister, Shell – API Updates (16ST, 16B, 16SB and 16WL)
  • Presentation & Announcement of the Curtis Blount Outstanding Paper Award

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Inaugural Operator Roundtable Rarely does one get to hear such a group discussing interventions; providing the delegates with many deep insights. They covered production issues, innovation needs, activity levels, KPI’s, the energy transition, digital transformation, collaboration, and networking. Feedback thus far has been that this was an absolute highlight during the conference.


AbdulRahman A. Al-Ghamdi Northern Area Well Completion Operations Department Manager at Saudi Aramco
Arthur Arnaud – Improvement Leader for Intervention operations at Equinor
Stian Øistensen Jørgensen – VP Drilling & Wells - Operations Intervention Alliance at AkerBP
Edward Kalu – Head, Well Specialities at Total
Shahril Mokhtar – Head of Well Integrity and Workover PETRONAS

Download the speaker biographies here

Keynote: The Importance of Innovation During a Time of Disruptive Change in the E&P Industry
Speaker: David Forbes, ConocoPhillips

The global E&P industry is undergoing disruptive change as a result of the tidal wave of oil and natural gas production coming from US unconventional reservoirs and the global revolution underway in data analytics and other digital technologies. These forces have placed sustained downward pressure on hydrocarbon prices. Companies have therefore had to adjust their approach to innovation, accelerating the pace and scale at which business improvements are made. This talk provided an overview of the forces causing disruption and described how novel integrated solutions provide hope for weathering the storm.

David's biography can be read here.

Keynote Presentation - ‘API Updates (16ST, 16B, 16SB and 16WL)'

Keynote: API Updates (16ST, 16B, 16SB and 16WL)
Speakers: Steven Deshotels, Texas Oil Tools NOV and James McAllister, Shell

This session reviewed the updates & status of API recommended practices and standards that pertain to the well intervention industry: 16ST, 16B, 16SB and 16WL. 16ST addressed coiled tubing well control equipment systems. 16B addressed specifications on well control equipment for wireline, coiled tubing, and snubbing applications. 16SB concerns snubbing and HWO well control and equipment systems. 16WL concerns wireline wellhead pressure control equipment and systems.

Steven's biography can be read here.

James' biography can be read here.

On Demand Access

If you are regretting missing the conference you can still register where all the video content and more will be available for the next 90 days (until 25 June).

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