ICoTA Europe Webinar: FourPhase - Remote Control Fundamentals

Innovation Award Finalists FourPhase will present at this ICoTA Europe Webinar on Remote Control Fundamentals.

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ICoTA Europe Webinar (15:00 BST)
27th April 2021

Members - Free, Non-Members - £10 + VAT.

COO and CTO of FourPhase, Jorgen Bruntveit, will present 'Remote Control Fundamentals' at this webinar. Jorgen is an inventor and holder of multiple patents. He has 17-years operational experience in the oil and gas industry, working with Baker Hughes for 10 years before joining FourPhase in 2013.

Sometimes we need to have a look at the fundamentals. Developing remote controlled systems for the oil and gas industry inevitably leads you down a path of complexity and over-engineering. Simple philosophies as using quality components, correctly placed contingency and user-friendliness is overshadowed by «...hype-focus...» such as digital twins and artificial intelligence. This presentation will provide practical examples of how to design a remote-control system that is centered around the user and how this philosophy benefits the end-customer.

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