Lunch & Learn: "Extended Lateral Solutions for an Extremely Difficult Well Trajectory" by Allied Horizontal Wireline Services

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Norris Conference Center, 816 Town & Country Blvd. Houston, TX
8th October 2019
11:30am - 1:00pm

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Extended Lateral Solutions for an Extremely Difficult Well Trajectory by Larry Albert, Allied Horizontal Wireline Services


An E&P operator suffered numerous drilling problems when trying to build angle and land horizontal laterals in a field in Oklahoma and was forced to modify the drilling plan to drill below the reservoir and then angle back up to the target. After reaching the base at a measured depth of 14,000 ft. the well plan was drilled up at maximum of 114° until reentering the target reservoir. Because of faulting in the area and required well direction, the target reservoir was dipping up at ~10° laterally in the direction of the horizontal drilling target. To maintain position in the reservoir, the well had to drilled at ~100° deviation to a measured depth of 21,100 ft.

This wellbore trajectory made normal wireline plug and perforating completion operations extremely difficult. The high wellbore angle meant high frictions on the wireline when coming off bottom. Also, due to the toe-up trajectory there was risk the wireline tools would slide down the inclined casing during and after plug setting and perforating. If the tool position could not be maintained there was risk the wireline cable could be entangled and a stuck tool could result. If the tools overrun the wireline cable the result could be wireline cable next to the perforating guns when detonated and wireline cable severed.

To meet the challenge several new methods and technologies developed for extended laterals were utilized. These products and methods included: advanced risk deployment modeling, jacketed wireline cable, addressable separation tool and downhole tension tool.

Speaker Bio

Larry Albert is a BSc graduate of Oklahoma City University. He joined Gearhart Industries in January 1977 as an open hole field engineer in Enid, Oklahoma and held numerous field and engineering management assignments throughout the USA. He joined Halliburton with the acquisition of Gearhart in October 1988 and held key management assignments at the corporate office and in field locations around the globe. At the time he left Halliburton in 2010, he was Senior Director of Operations and managed the global wireline business that included over 5,500 employees and annual revenues greater than $2B. In May 2010, he formed Allied Wireline Services and served as President & CEO until Allied was merged with Horizontal Wireline in March of 2014.

He is currently Vice-Chairman and member of the Board for Allied-Horizontal Wireline Services, one of the largest independent wireline services companies serving the USA onshore market. He has been a member of SPWLA since 1977 and has held officer level positions in chapters around the globe. He has been a member of SPE since 1984, has published numerous technical papers and been an active speaker and contributor. He is a member

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