The Curtis Blount Outstanding Paper

Shortly after the 2019 ICoTA Well Intervention Conference we were absolutely saddened to hear of the passing of Curtis Blount on the 12th of May.


Having just spent two days laughing and sharing information with a man who did so much within the Association it was a shock to many of us. Curt was a two-time distinguished lecturer with the Society of Petroleum Engineers, authored multiple papers and was on the board of directors for ICoTA. The Association strongly felt that something needed to be done to honor Curtis’s memory for all his contributions over the years. A such it was decided that we would rename our Outstanding Paper, published in partnership with Society of Petroleum Engineers, to the Curtis Blount Outstanding Paper. Due to the COVID situation we had to cancel our 2020 SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference. All approved papers however have been published, and we have selected this year’s outstanding paper – to be announced in a subsequent post.