ICoTA Europe Announces New Chair and Vice-Chair for 2019/20

ICoTA Europe hosted its annual dinner at the Marcliffe Hotel last Friday. Each year at this event, the new Chair and Vice-Chair for the year ahead begin their respective roles. For 2019/20, these positions will be taken up by George Waugh from BP as Chair, and Darren Paul from Shell as Vice-Chair.

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We spoke to both of them at the dinner to find out their plans for the European Chapter for the year ahead.

How long have you both been involved with ICoTA Europe as an organisation?

George: "I've been attending ICoTA Europe events since the 90s and I've been a committee member since 2016."
Darren: “And I’ve been involved for the past two and a half years.”

What made you want to get involved with ICoTA Europe as an organisation?

Darren: “I was looking to expand my network, get a better understanding of what new technologies were coming through the funnel and learn what challenges and risks other operators were encountering and how they were managing them. ICoTA has given me the opportunity to accomplish all of those things.”
George: “I wanted to support raising the profile of Well Intervention because it delivers significant value and provides a huge opportunity for innovation and technology.”

What is the important objective for ICoTA Europe as a not-for-profit organisation in 2019-20?

George: “The objective for me is definitely to promote learning, education, and collaboration, with a focus on technology and innovation.”
Darren: “I absolutely agree. We need to continue to provide the industry with opportunities to share, collaborate and educate through a diverse range of activities.”

What do you look to bring to ICoTA Europe in your new roles as Chair and Vice-Chair?

Darren: “First and foremost, as a committee, we have to continue the good work and momentum that has been going on in the last few years. This year will be the first year the conference has been held at TECA and we will also see the return of the Norway one day seminar. Ensuring these are successful is a key deliverable for us. I’d also like to see ICoTA become more accessible, particularly to younger engineers, via the introduction of the new website and by expanding our social media reach.”
George: “I think building that sustainable community for Well Intervention Engineers and Practitioners is important, and also to reaching out to Well Operations personnel at the well-sites to participate in the various technical forums. Beyond that, I also want to continue to strengthen the ties with OGA, OGTC and O&GUK, and help make ICoTA be recognised as a professional body for those involved in Well Intervention and Integrity.”