SPE/ICoTA Virtual Well Intervention Conference: Day 2

Day two of the conference was another rich day commencing with two busy technical sessions and ending with the Curtis Blount Best Paper Award & Intervention Technology Award Winner!

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One session was on Latest Developments in Equipment, Tools, Fluids, and Materials for Interventions where the following papers were presented:

  • Charlie McClean & Farid Hadiaman: Advance Live-Well Deployment System In Caspian Sea Wells SPE-204428-MS
  • Azwan Keong: Hybrid Electro-optical Cable Continuously Powers Downhole Coiled Tubing Telemetry and Enables Time and Carbon Footprint Reductions During Extensive Cleanout Interventions SPE-204435-MS
  • Courtney Payne: Benefits of Digital Monitoring of Flowback Returns during Coiled Tubing Milling and Cleanout Operations SPE-204409-MS
  • Mike Avery: Transitioning from rig to vessel based interventions to maximize economic recovery SPE-204402-MS

Well done to Hayes Chow and Pierre Ramondenc for moderating the session so well.

The other session was on Coiled Tubing and Pipe Development, Applications, and Solutions and here the following was presented to the industry:

  • Norman Moore: First Worldwide Slim Coiled Tubing Logging Tractor Deployment SPE-204432-MS
  • Masa Brankovic: Advanced Intervention Technology Platform Provides Increased Capability Enabling Efficient High-volume Wellbore Cleanout Solutions on Electric Line SPE-204449-MS
  • Ahmed Albaqshi: Design Optimization for Hydraulically Driven Agitation Tool in Extended Coiled Tubing Reach Application SPE-204425-MS
  • Adam Miszewski: Underbalanced Drilling With Coiled Tubing: A Case Study on the Alaskan North Slope, which Proves the Benefits of Drilling a Straight Hole SPE-204418-MS

Thank you to Sharlene Lindsay and Roberto Paez for moderating this session.

Following these, two key conference events were then held.

The first was the Curtis Blount Outstanding Paper Award. As this paper is awarded, we remember Curtis Blount again for the second year and recall the great times we had with him. Singling out just one paper from over 50 that made up this year’s technical program was a tough exercise. The paper selected by the technical committee was:

Tom Littleford: High Resolution Acoustic Imaging of Plug Related Casing Damage in Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells SPE-204412-MS. The paper is certainly worth read, with interesting insights into damage occurring where plugs have been set in multistage completions along with some great initial conclusions.

As ever we thank all our authors, without whom the conference would not be the go-to event for technical content.

The second was the prestigious ICoTA Intervention Technology Award. This award is voted for by members of the ICoTA Board of Directors, hence selected by a group of top intervention experts from around the globe, impartial and free from any commercial ties to the technologies. We had 15 entrants this year which was excellent, creating stiff competition to arrive at the four finalists.

Well done to WACORP Wireline Abandonment and Completion Corp. for presenting the KWAT, Halliburton for the SPECTRUM e-MLT, WELLVENE - Engineered Well Solutions for the WellVex and Schlumberger for the ReSOLVE iX Slot Cutter.

The winner was Schlumberger for the ReSOLVE iX Slot Cutter. Congratulations to that team involved.

So ANOTHER huge day and the conference is not over yet – we have two more content filled half days to follow:

Day 3 has two quality technical sessions:

  • Improving Operational Efficiency, HSE, and Well Control
  • Wireline Developments, Applications, and Solutions

There is also the second keynote on API Updates (16ST, 16B, 16SB and 16WL). These updates will affect the way we work so get ahead of the game by attending this session. Thanks to Steve Deshotels, Texas Oil Tools NOV and James McAllister, Shell for presenting.

AND there is more!

Day 4 delivers two more technical sessions and two other high-profile events.

The inaugural SPE/ICoTA Operator Roundtable.
For this we assembled top experts representing five different operators from various parts of the world to hear their perspectives on intervention related aspects. Join us and our guests for a roundtable that is not to be missed:

The roundtable recording resulted in over an hour’s worth of rich conversation, with some of the very latest viewpoints on production issues, innovation needs, activity levels, KPI’s, the energy transition, digital transformation, collaboration and networking! Get a quick preview here.

And finally, when the doors close on the conference, we’ll be opening up a LIVE networking space at https://spatial.chat/s/ICoTA. Open from 12:00 pm Houston CDT time (6:00 p.m. Paris), this will provide an informal networking opportunity. There are only 300 slots available, so do arrive early to ensure your access! Click here for a quick preview.

If you haven’t yet registered for the conference it’s still not too late. Note all content is available online to all registrants for the next 90 days! Click here to register now!