SPE/ICoTA Virtual Well Intervention Conference: Day 4

Well unfortunately all good things must end and day 4 was the final day of the SPE/ICoTA Virtual Well Intervention Conference. The first three days were amazing with excellent content on every day. Day 4 proved to be no different and went out with a couple of superb events.

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We started the day with our operator roundtable with some of the world’s top intervention experts candidly discussing many issues around intervention.

The panel of experts were:

The roundtable was moderated by Matthew Billingham, ICoTA Snr Chair, and Stuart Murchie, ICoTA Jnr Chair. Rarely does one get to hear such a group discussing interventions and they provided the delegates with many deep insights. We covered production issues, innovation needs, activity levels, KPI’s, the energy transition, digital transformation, collaboration, and networking. Feedback thus far has been that this was an absolute highlight during the conference. We thank the operators who were so kind to dedicate their time to ICoTA and enable this valuable interaction.

We then dove into two highly educational technical sessions that were both well attended.

The first, Horizontal and ERD solutions was moderated by Alan Turner and Eric Gagen, whom we thank for their excellent guidance.

The papers presented were:

  • Abdelhak Ladmia: Case Study of Underbalance Coiled Tubing Drilling to increase well productivity and ultimate recovery In Tight Gas Reservoir Onshore Field, Abu Dhabi SPE-204436-MS
  • Kevin Elliott & Jamie Fenwick: Avoiding Erosion: Best Practices for Coiled Tubing Annular Frac Operations SPE-204417-MS
    Ernesto Franco: Bicentric Milling Approach Enables the Recovery of the Horizontal Section of an Unconventional Well in Turkey SPE-204426-MS
  • Kaveh Yekta & Ray Phung: Application Of Real-time Solid Measurement And Return Flow Rate During Coiled Tubing Milling Operations SPE-204451-MS

The other session was on Intervention Solutions in Challenging Environments and covered the following papers:

  • Muhammad Nabil Bin Ghazali & Rosano Sosrohadisewoyo: Effective Zonal Isolation Straddle Deployment in a Slim Deviated Well Using Electric Line Tractor / Stroker Combination SPE-204399-MS
  • Ramadan Ahmed: Mechanistic Modeling of Wellbore Cleanout in Horizontal and Inclined Wells SPE-204442-MS
  • Kaveh Yekta: Application Of Finite Element Method In Coiled Tubing Services SPE-204429-MS
  • Seng Wei Jong: Challenging Catenary Coiled Tubing Thru Tubing Screen Deployment Operation Offshore Borneo SPE-204419-MS

Luis Castro proved an excellent moderator along with Furman Kelley helping chair the session so well.

After all this technical content it was time to relax, and delegates headed into the post conference social hosted online where some lively discussion carried on over the next two hours. The platform again proved to be excellent to socialize and network and we shall be looking to do this again!

It has been a full four days filled at all times with valuable content. If you are regretting missing the conference you can still register where all the video content and more will be available for the next 90 days.

Again thank you to all the authors and volunteers of ICoTA who worked so hard with the SPE to make this event go so well. We shall send out a full summary shortly to recap the entire event. In the meantime, stay safe!