Winner announced for 2019 ICoTA Intervention Technology Award

The winner of the 2019 Intervention Technology Award is Halliburton’s Electromagnetic Pipe Xaminer® V (EPX™ V). This new-generation array corrosion tool identifies and monitors corrosion damage throughout the well and can log up to 5 concentric strings of pipe in a well and provide quantitative metal loss for each pipe in one pass.


This technology uses multiple and adjustable frequencies from two transmitters and two arrays of receivers and since the transmitters are continuously on, it’s possible for an active measurement. Phase and magnitude variances for frequencies and receivers are used to determine the corrosion damage for each pipe. This type of measurement is not affected by fluid changes or material changes in between pipes, thus improving accuracy.

This new technology is vital in enabling the measuring of all pipes in the well, including the outermost strings. This helps the operator understand the corrosion rate throughout the well and ascertain the risks associated with each string. The application is relevant throughout the industry as corrosion attacks every well that has been in the ground over time. EPX V technology is used for monitoring corrosion, finding an issue, ensuring integrity in P&A operations, or for finding collars in outer strings for sidetracking purposes.

For additional information on the EPX™ V technology, visit the Halliburton website.

(Photographed at the Global SPE ICoTA Well Intervention Conference – David Larimore, Senior Chairman, ICoTA Global and Sami Eyuboglu, Halliburton)