Schlumberger's Dual-String P&A Barrier Evaluation Technology Takes the Win

The winner of the coveted Intervention Technology Award was recently announced during the SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference.

This award, presented annually by ICoTA (Global), recognizes outstanding technical innovation or application of technology for well intervention and demonstrates reduced risk, increased production, improved safety or minimized environmental impact.

2022 ITA 1000

This year’s award recipient is Schlumberger for its Dual-String P&A Barrier Evaluation Technology. The dual-string barrier evaluation technology offers the most advanced and proven method of imaging the “B” annulus profile without the need to pull out the inner pipe (tubing or casing) helping to reduce P&A rig days, thereby reducing costs and also carbon footprint. This solution relies on a unique combination of wireline-conveyed deep probing advanced acoustic measurements (axial and azimuthal array sonic and multimodality ultrasonic) complemented by physics-informed deep learning (machine learning) algorithms to unravel the complexity in the signals interpretation. For additional information, visit the Schlumberger website.

The four finalists presented their technologies to the panel of judges just prior to the SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference and although the overall scores were very close, Schlumberger prevailed and took home the trophy.

  • Altus Intervention: Simultaneously Operated Dual Stroker Intervention Operation
  • BiSN: Production Packer Remediation with Bismuth Alloy
  • Schlumberger: Dual-String P&A Barrier Evaluation Technology
  • Zilift Limited: Using a Wireline Pump in Restoring Production in Killed Wells